Ted Hefko & the Thousandaires

Genre: cajun // jazz // roots
20130223-201437.jpgWhen he was 18 years old, aspiring guitarist and songwriter Ted Hefko took a Greyhound Bus from his Wisconsin hometown to New Orleans and hasn’t looked back since. Currently residing in Brooklyn, the now-accomplished frontman continues to draw as heavily on the sounds of the Big Easy as he does on the finest musical talent in the big city. The fruits of his labors–Ted Hefko & the Thousandaires–embrace the spontaneity of jazz, the bare-bones sensibility of early folk and the vibrancy of New Orleans. Mr. Hefko and his band, the Thousandaires, can be found as far afield as Austin TX and have a growing presence along the eastern seaboard. Called “a sound-match made somewhere between Dixieland and heaven” by the press, Mr. Hefko’s latest release, If I Walked on Water, is available through CDBaby.com.

Avails: national support, local and regional club dates, private events
Click for video (live in Brooklyn)
 // Click for video (live in Austin) // Click for video (live in Charleston)

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